What is Entertaiment?


Entertaiment is a term that describes the entertainment industry. Sometimes, it is abbreviated to entmt, a shorthand notation that is used in headlines and TV news banners. However, it is not usually used in general prose. It has a more specific use in the entertainment business, and has a wider definition.


The art of amusing yourself is a very old book. It’s called The Art of Amusing Yourself and was written by an author named Frank Bellew. This book is full of ribald descriptions, racist cartoons, and instructions on how to stage a Punch & Judy show. It also reveals the secret to making a giant and Muppet Man, and it’s chock full of funny stories and descriptions.

To amuse

To amuse means to occupy someone’s attention in a cheerful way. Something amusing can make people laugh or smile, or bewilder them. Amusing people is good for their mental health. It also serves as a way to divert from serious thoughts or laborious activities. In general, amusing people can be done by engaging in some kind of pleasing activity, such as playing with toys.

However, some people confuse the meaning of amused and bemused. The difference between amuse and bemused is that the former refers to entertaining people, while the latter refers to confusing them. In Alice in Wonderland, the White Rabbit amuses Alice with his antics. The former is more accurate.

In military usage, to amuse is the practice of diverting the enemy’s attention away from more serious pursuits. Alternatively, amusing someone may mean to mislead him or her by engaging in an activity that is not particularly serious. In both cases, the tactician intended to divert attention away from the main target.