What Is Newsworthy?


News is information about current events or affairs that affect people, which is obtained from a wide variety of sources. It is presented quickly and objectively and is used to inform the public of what is going on around them. News stories also often contain an element of entertainment value by capturing the attention and imagination of readers.

News reports are a vital component of democracy, and it is important to have an informed citizenry. It is often referred to as “the oxygen of democracy,” and it is the role of journalists to provide the public with unbiased news that can shape opinions, spark debate and inform decision-making.

Many different theories have been proposed about what constitutes news, from the practical to the philosophical. One of the most straightforward definitions is that news is whatever makes a person say, “Gee Whiz!” This expression is often used to describe something surprising, unexpected or dramatic.

The concept of what is newsworthy can be influenced by cultural values, the social context in which a particular event takes place and the political agendas of the media outlets. Some theories suggest that a free press is the oxygen of democracy, while others claim that a democratic society cannot function without it.

Among the factors that influence newsworthiness are proximity, impact and controversy. An ordinary event or an everyday occurrence, such as a man waking up, eating breakfast and taking the bus to work, does not make news, as it has no real significance to most people. However, if a famous person is involved in an unusual or sensational event, it will become newsworthy.

Other factors that influence newsworthiness include whether it involves money, if the topic is of public interest and how much attention is already being given to the subject. A cyclone, bush fire, drought, volcanic eruption or earthquake is more likely to be newsworthy than the purchase of a new computer.

Another important factor is the source of the information. If it comes from a reliable and reputable source, it is more likely to be newsworthy. In addition, it is important to avoid introducing personal bias into a story.

A well-researched and clearly written news article is more likely to be newsworthy, and the use of primary sources is often encouraged. Using a direct quote from an authoritative source can help build credibility in the article.

In addition to straight reporting, a news article can be in-depth and feature-based. An in-depth piece often takes a small, select topic and researches it extensively. This type of journalism is less influenced by personal opinion than straight reporting and can be more informative.

Often, the topic of an in-depth news article will be selected by the editor, or it will be the author’s choice. Regardless, the inverted pyramid structure should be followed, and the most important facts should be included first. An in-depth news article will usually have an introduction, body and conclusion, as well as a list of references.